Skiing - Training Exercises

Training will ensure that you have the right fitness levels and don’t hurt yourself as this is a physically demanding activity. Things that the activity focuses on are flexibility, strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. These specific training activities are aimed at using the same muscles so that you will be able to have fun on the slopes and not strain yourself. The training should suit your current abilities and fitness levels.

Recommended warm ups are – Squatting, sit-ups, leg press, lunges, leg and calf raises and stretches.

Activities that are suggested during off-season times include hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking.

For flexibility, the following is advised; yoga, gymnastics and Pilates. These activities combined with muscle stretching will ensure you don’t pull any muscles.

Cardiovascular exercises are also good as without this training, you will become tired very quickly. Recommended exercises in order to improve your cardiovascular endurance are swimming, jogging and walking.

If training is an all year round thing and you are physically able then you will be able to prevent injuries as well as manage when it comes to skiing.

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